Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's up with that?

I'm about to leave on a 10 day trip. 10 days with my husband, away from our kids. Now this is technically a business trip. I'm seeing clients in one city on the way to Banff, then partaking in a four day industry-related educational "school" in Banff before stopping off to see clients in another city on the way home. But I'm dragging my husband along this time ;)

Normally I don't take my husband along on business trips.... but I couldn't resist the chance to carve out a bit of time for ourselves in such a gorgeous venue - mixing a little pleasure with business. And I have to admit it will be nice to have some company on a very, very long drive. We've got a couple of golf dates planned in the mountains, probably take a little tour one evening to some waterfalls not too far off - or the hot springs maybe? Oh! And a half-day ride through some of the most scenic countryside on the planet. I've been waiting over 20 years to do that one..... (but the childhood disappointments of a horse-loving child born to decidedly earth-bound parents is the subject for another post some other time ;)

I am really looking forward to this trip!

Time to recharge (I hope), take a break from the mundane and perhaps a chance to reconnect with my husband. We just never seem to find the time for us in the chaos that is our day to day life....

I know that finding couple time is important. It can only do good for the entire family....

.... and yet I still feel it.

Muted, held in the background but still naggingly present all the same.... that parental guilt. Guilt! Why do I do this to myself? I should not feel guilty for leaving my children behind. It's not like I'm locking them in the house to fend for themselves until the neighbors call CFS or anything.... they will be quite safe and even have fun, I'm sure, staying with their grandparents while we're away (we won't discuss the grandparents' perspective on this marathon visit - that's a subject for another post ;)

But still, it's there. I don't feel nearly as bad leaving the boys as I do leaving my baby girl. They're so much bigger and more self-sufficient (and I've left them so many times before - ha!).... but my girl, she's only two. I've never left her for this long.... certainly my husband and I have never left her together. I think I'll need to do deep breathing exercises as we drive away after I drop them off tomorrow. I feel silly admitting it - but there it is.... I'm a sap when it comes to my baby...

I'm gonna have to get over it.

I know they'll be fine, I know they'll have fun and I know I'm going to have a blast.... just let me know the recipe for ignoring the nagging guilt and we're good to go ;)

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Anonymous said...

Don't think there's a recipe . . . I think you do just what you have planned . . . deep breathing and lots of visualizing that fantastic couple time you're going to have!

I always have that feeling until we get to the end of the driveway .. . then I'm over it :)