Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He wants more babies


Betcha thought my husband was off his rocker, hey?

But no, it's not him.... and it's definitely not me, lol.... it's our dear, sweet 7 year old son.

He asked me when we were driving this weekend; "mom, are you going to have another baby?"

To which I replied: "No honey, I'm not having any more babies.... I have three and that's enough."

"Awww, I want you to have another baby - you should have two"

hahahahahahahaha..... yeah, right!

So I comfortably defected that..... told him that his newly married uncle and aunt could have babies one day and then he'll have new cousins.

He seemed pleased with that.

And then we picked up my grandparents to give them a ride home from the lake and I overheard my little man talking to his great-grandma: ".... and uncle Scott and auntie Cara are going to have a baby and it will be my new cousin....."

That's not exactly what I said to him.... but it should get some tongues wagging, rofl.....

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jnlmama said...

*Cracks up* So people like you are how baby rumors get started! :P