Thursday, August 14, 2008

Never enough

There just aren't enough hours in a day! It doesn't seem to matter how far in advance I start my planning or preparations.... I can NEVER get ahead of what I need to accomplish on a daily basis!

(and NO, now would not be the time to point out that spending time blogging about my lack of time isn't helping matters - not everyone likes having the obvious thrust in their face ;)

I'm just racing... I need a minute to take a deep breath (well a nap is what I really need but we know that's not happening!)..... there's so much to do still to get ready. I can see how the end of this day will play out already.....

I will pick up my children soon. The next several hours will be filled with feeding them, packing for them, getting them to football practice and making sure we haven't forgot anything they'll need over the next 10 days before heading out on the hour long drive to Grandma's house to drop them off - all the while trying to entertain them so they don't drive me over the brink (which is likely to happen at some point today regardless).

I'm positive that it will be at least 11:00pm before I stumble back through the door and get to start all over again.... packing for myself.

If I'm lucky, I might get 6 hours of sleep before heading out in the wee hours tomorrow morning.

But there is a bright side! I'm not travelling alone this time.... so I can definitely sleep while he drives (hell, who even needs the 6 hours?? ;)

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