Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be careful what you wish for....

We drove through the night on Saturday to return to our children as soon as possible - we picked them up at their grandparents' early Sunday morning and the whole family was happily home and together before noon.

We were exhausted however.... Oz crashed out on the couch during the girl's nap while I took the boys out for haircuts and a few errands.... then it was my turn. I laid down on the couch with D watching Dora for the zillionth time and quickly dozed off too. Daddy left us there like that while he ran to the store to buy some new work boots.

Well I was dead to the world. The boys were busy playing downstairs and the princess didn't stay watching Dora.... oh no.

The princess, heavily into a water-obsession phase, toddled off to the bathroom to play in the sink.... and play she did. To the tune of about 60 gallons of water sloshing over the counters and out of the bathroom over the hardwood floors when she managed to plug the sink somehow!

There was water EVERYWHERE.

The bathroom, the hall, her bedroom..... and downstairs - through the floor and soaking the boys' bathroom and part of their bedroom carpet. Several boxes we'd stored in the laundry/furnace room also got doused. Not a pretty sight when Daddy came home from shopping and woke Mommy up off the couch.

Thank God she didn't have more than the 30 minutes she did.

And thank God our insurance covers two-year-olds.

I have been longing for a while to redo the upstairs bathroom, bring it into the 21st century - now we may have no choice.... maybe some new floors too.

I guess the moral of my story is to be careful what you wish for - because you never know how that wish may be delivered!!

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