Thursday, August 7, 2008

So pissed.

I can't stand how inconsiderate some people are. It feels like nobody bothers to think about how their actions affect others. I'm completely pissed at my dealer's shuttle right now.

I was supposed to be picked up around 3:45 - 4:00. The driver phones at 4:05 to say they're running behind and won't be here for another 20-30 minutes. Un-freakin-believable.

I'm not mad that she's running late.... I get that shit happens to everyone all day long and most of it is out of our control. What I'm completely PISSED about is that she didn't bother to call until AFTER the time she was already supposed to be here.

If I'd been told that there wouldn't be a shuttle until 4:30 or later, I may have made other arrangements.... called my SIL or even booked a cab ... but that's way late for me when I have kids to pick up and supper to make before my son's first football game - that he can NOT be late for!!

The driver had to know they were running late long before it was time to get me..... why the hell wait until you're already late to call? At 3:45 I could have done something else even....

Oh I'm going to have a hard time biting my tongue when they get here.

And I'm DEFINITELY talking to the service manager.

Inconsiderate Jerk.


(OK, I'm big enough and ugly enough to admit when I've been a little too bitchy.... it was the girl's 4th day on the job driving the shuttle. She was a little overwhelmed. And we made it to football with time to spare - so no harm done.)

(and no... I didn't bother the service manager)

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Anonymous said...

Love this post . . . and your post script.

We all have days like that!