Friday, August 1, 2008

Kiss a Fish!

You ever notice how some men never give up all the "boy" in them.... they still think it's funny to show a dead spider to their wife after the rescue (rather than just discarding it), or they still get a kick out of pretending to make their kids kiss the fish they just caught?? Yes? No?? hmmm..... maybe it's just me. yay. Ah well......

We were sitting down to a board game with boys the other night after the girl had gone to bed for the evening... and there had been an "incident" earlier that evening as mentioned above (Dad chasing the boys with a fresh fish...ewww)

We were playing Sorry. Good family game in the 6-10 set ;)

The boys love Sorry.... especially my younger son.... and especially the "sorry-ing" part.

When his turn came and he had a chance to Sorry someone he picked Dad.... laughing all the while. So my husband turned to him, scrunched up his face and pointed his finger in mock-threat asking "Do you want me to make you kiss a fish?!"

my boy thought this was just hilarious.... "Nooooooo...." he squealed.

(But he must have thought this was the most clever retaliation/threat he'd ever heard....)

When my husband's next turn came and HE had a chance to sorry someone, he of course took the chance to get even with our boy..... who's most clever response was to scrunch up his face, point his finger at Dad in mock-threat and say "Do you want me to kiss a fish?!"

It was one of those moments where you just stop for a sec before everyone bursts into laughter.

OMG I love what comes out of kids' mouths sometimes.

(we don't need to talk about other times right now ;)

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Oh that is too cute ...