Sunday, August 31, 2008

Outgown it....

My son has outgrown my favorite kids clothing store! I can't believe it. Shopping at please mum has been a mainstay for me for so long... I've known that my older son takes their XL, my younger son their L - or prior to that the Large & Medium.... or prior to that (well, you get the drift)....OMG, now what?

I guess I have a bit of time... it's not their clothing he's outgrown - just their outer-wear. But I know the clock is ticking now....

I was so proud of myself: hadn't been to the store in ages then pop in when they're having a 4-day only sale... which included winter wear for $20 off each piece - so $40 off a complete winter jacket & snow pants set... woo hoo! Picked the one I liked, grabbed the XL and carted my prize home... only to find that it's a better fit on my younger son :( It just didn't have the room I like for outwear on my firstborn. And please mum doesn't go any bigger than XL :(

Every time I turn around there something bringing home the fact that they're growing up on me... it's all going so fast!

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