Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jumping In....

So maybe this is a funny time to start a blog.... I mean I'm already half-way through my oldest child's "childhood".... why start now? But maybe it's a better late than never scenerio.... no point in missing out on documenting the rest just because I've let so much pass by already. I don't know that I was ever at a point to devote the time to journaling my life before.

I'd never read people's blogs before recently.... I didn't know what all the fuss was about. It's taken several of my closest friends' recently starting thier own to wake me up to what I've been missing.... so here I am, jumping in.

Like scrap-booking. I've been scrap-booking for less than a year (and I'm obsessed now - no turning back). But before a friend invited me to her scrap-booking party, and I had a chance to get my feet wet with it, I never knew what I was missing. I guess blogging's no different. Scrap-booking your thoughts so to speak. They go nicely together.

So I'll move forward and take the time to write it all down.... so that one day I, or my children and family and friends, can look back and remember what it was like, day to day, in this amazing crazy journey to get who knows where :)

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