Monday, July 28, 2008


There's a descriptive word (or a place depending on your mindset ;) but to me, the word describes perfectly a powerful, independent, strong and capable woman. Nothing meek, nothing mild..... not a woman you can walk over - or at least one you would regret attempting to walk over. I've decided my cousin has a little amazon in her.

You see, she recently discovered that her husband of 4 years (?) and father to their 2 year old and unborn child has been having an affair with a good friend of theirs for over 6 months. The other woman is married too (also with young children). The morally repugnant couple actually met early in the year while both couples were attending the wedding of mutual friends in Cuba. Nice hey? The most repulsive thing about this soon to be ex-husband of hers is that during the time of his affair he attended marriage counselling sessions with my cousin and deliberately continued trying for another child - resulting in her current pregnancy!

There was enough suspicious activity over the last few months to really get her suspicions up to the point where she confronted him with "hard" evidence and he moved out early in June. Shortly after that she found the entire history of their affair in his facebook email box.... what they said to each other and how they played her over the months - he as her husband and her as her supposed friend. It had to be devastating news to read..... she shared with me some of the incredibly callous and hurtful things he'd written and some of the "plans" they'd put in play.... plus references to other conversations. Nasty shit.

But she's not rolling over and playing dead! No siree.... she arranged to serve him with separation papers at the relationship counsellor's office (so she'd have a witness to his nastiness - thank goodness!) and at the same time arranged for the bitch's husband to receive an entire copy of the correspondence too (rumor has it that she's been booted by her poor, unsuspecting husband as well - good for him!). And my favorite part? I opened my facebook account to see that my cousin had updated her profile to read: "Xxx is disgusted that her husband Bill and Michelle McCxxxxxxx have been having an affair for over 6 months." hahahahahahaha.....

All her family..... all his family..... all their mutual friends - oh yeah!! You go girl. I had to congratulate her! No way she should hang her head in shame or meekly stand by.... they should be ashamed of themselves and not be able to hold their heads up around everyone who knows them. It was awesome. The other husband posted something similar. She has now posted: "Xxxx is now going to concentrate her energy on her daughter and taking care of herself and the baby she is growing... thanks for all the support." (I guess she had overwhelming positive response!). My amazon cousin :)

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jnlmama said...

Good for her on being so Strong! Sucks that all that is happening to her but good thing she is not pineing for him or anythign like that!