Friday, July 18, 2008

(I passed!)

I always worry when I've gone through a phase of "baby nostalgia" that I might actually be crazy enough to wish I had another..... and I would be lying if I didn't admit that the thought of balancing out the family hasn't crossed my mind.... I mean, there's my boys - 17 months apart and thick as thieves... they've got a built-in playmate anywhere we go (and they miss each other whenever they're apart for long). And then there's my girl. At 2, she's 7 and 5 years younger than the boys.... destined to a life of being the third wheel, the unwanted, tag-along, pesky little sister. Wouldn't life be so much better with a sibling close in age for her as well? And then I slap myself (as I always do when crazy thoughts try to lodge in my head). What WAS I thinking? Yikes.... so no, three is more than pleanty for us and she'll just have to deal with having to hang with ME as her playmate ;)

But I had clients bring in their most adorable four month old baby girl today... she was gorgeous and she stared at me intently and smiled shyly and just totally acted the "I'm-the-most-adorable-baby-in-the-world-don't-you-just-wish-you-could-take-me-home" part to a tee. And I loved having her visit....she helped me remember how wonderfully helpless and sweet my own baby was such a very short time ago - BUT she did NOT make me long for another.... Woo HOO!! I passed the test, I'm cured!! We're definitely done :)

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