Saturday, July 26, 2008

How big are you??

Oh my girl.... too funny, this age. She wants so bad to be "big" .... resists sitting in her booster seat for meals, refuses help time after time with daily activities like eating, dressing etc and gets incredibly frustrated when she isn't allowed to do everything her brothers do. Last night she refused to sit in the "baby" swing. Of course, silly me... you're obviously way too big for that! And so swing she did - in the BIG swing ;)

And then there's the flip-side....the times she wants to be swaddled in a blanket and cuddled like a baby or lifts up those little arms and begs to be picked up and carried. Or when she decides she still small enough to sit in the Bumbo.... and FREAKS when I try to tell her she's too big and take it away, lol.... what a goof :)

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