Friday, July 25, 2008

Dartboard medicine

Never have I felt more like modern medicine is really just a crap-shoot. My last 2 days in and out of the ER department feels like a complete exercise in futility. Watching the doctors mull over my symptoms and try to decide what it could be seemed very much like watching a game of darts.... maybe even a game of darts where the players have been drinking. "hmmm... I have no idea what it could be.... maybe it's ****** - lets schedule this test. Nope. OK, well maybe it's *****, let's try this drug on you....hmmm, it's worse you say?? I don't know what this could be. Ah well, let's schedule this test.... Rats, it wasn't that either."

You know at one point one of them suggested just prescribing me some strong pain-killers to mask whatever's wrong and sending me home. Seriously?? You went to med school for that?? OMG.... but really, it's not a whole lot further off than where I sit now. I know a few thing's that are NOT my problem, but they still just sent me home with a best guess.... and of course my third and fourth prescriptions this week - yay. So here I sit, currently on my third antibiotic in the past three days and doped up on a prescription I can't pronounce that could blur my vision, disorient me and/or make me dizzy. I'm no longer permitted to drive or operate heavy machinery.... didn't say anything about blogging though.... just don't hold me responsible for anything you may read in the next couple of days ;)

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