Monday, September 15, 2008

I can almost smell it!

Oh wait, never mind... I can totally smell it. Yes, you guessed it, we're breaking out the hockey equipment again!

Both boys hit the ice for the first time this coming Saturday - my seven year old in the Initial Program (10 sessions of basics and fun before the house league season starts) and my nine year old in try outs for the first time.

I'm nervous for him. He's clueless.... and innocent.... and has never had to try out for anything in his life.

My boy has no shortage of self confidence - and his belief in his abilities often surpasses his actual skill level... which is fine, and even charming... but I'm worried that try outs might burst his bubble. And I don't want to see his bubble burst. I love his confidence level just where it's at.

Then again, they're only nine... and it's not like we're trying out for AA hockey or anything, lol. I'm sure it's a painless process of just "sorting" the kids into relatively even strength teams. I know that I'm projecting the remnant feelings from my own childhood days (and failing to make the "A" team).

He'll do great. It'll be awesome.

And regardless, we'll be back in the arena and they'll be back out on the ice. We spent this evening at the sports store picking up the last few necessary pieces of equipment to finishing outfitting the boys for the year... and every one's excited now ;)

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