Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A day for flowers...

No, the title has nothing to do with the fact that today is our 11th wedding anniversary - although that would be an OK reason for flowers too....

The title is reference to the fact that my boys are wearing their hearts on their sleeves today - along with the flowers they insisted on taking in their back packs. Calla Lilies to be specific, silk ones.

Apparently there are two little girls at the elementary school scheduled to receive their first flowers from a boy today.... I just hope that doesn't mean a son of mine is schedule to have his heart broken for the first time.

When I picked up the boys from daycare yesterday, my youngest, only seven, with a dreamy look on his face pronounced: "Ahhhh, I Love Isabella"

I couldn't help but smile. He's so dang cute.

"She's beautiful, I'm not going to break her up." (which is his mixed up way of saying break up with her - haha)

My older son jumped in to tell me that Isabella had actually kissed little brother on the cheek at recess (YIKES!), and take a moment to inform me that HE was in love with Amanda.

"Can I buy her a rose Mom? Just one like they do in the movies?"

Oh my.

"Oh Oh, Can I give one to Isabella too?!" (not to be outdone in the romance category by his older brother, I presume)

I had to bite my tongue. Stop myself from shouting NO WAY! You're way to young to have crushes on girls. You can give flowers to girls at your age.... what if they laugh at you? What if they break your heart? What if it scares you from being brave enough to share how you feel with other girls, or anyone for that matter, in the future? What the HELL do you mean you're kissing girls already??? GAAH.... I'm not ready for this!!

But I didn't crush the budding romantics in my little men. As much as I fear them growing up, as much as I don't want to see any girl hurt their precious egos or break those fragile hearts, what actually came out of my mouth was:

"Well, I suppose if you really want to you could get a flower to give a girl. But how about a Lily instead? I have some really pretty Calla Lilies at home left over from wrapping your Uncle and Aunt's wedding present.... and they're silk, so they'll last forever"

"Oh, so Lilies are for really special things?"

"They can be - they're really pretty flowers, girls like them"

"Perfect! And they'll last forever - that's cool."


I hoped they would forget about the conversation. Change their minds or chicken out.... but no. The last thing my older son asked before going to bed last night was whether I'd gotten the flowers ready yet. And the first thing he asked this morning was where the flowers were.

So that's how we walked out the door this morning... a mother with her three children - each armed with a Lily. The boys setting out to declare their love to the little girls in their life, and my daughter (not to be left out) with a flower of her own to show her friends.

Those girls better be nice to my boys.

I'm nervous for them. This is going to be a long day.


Anonymous said...

Tony has a girlfriend too ... 'xcept he doesnt know her name. Just that he sits by her every day on the bus, and picks a different colored flower for her each morning.

LOVE IT. Post an update when you know how it went!!

Mbdiamond said...

Amanda blushed when she accepted the flower from my boy - and Isabella gave my little man a big hug.... pheeew!

Christina said...

How cute are they!? So glad things went well. Hard to see them growing up so fast, isn't it?