Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Float Tour

So we took a Float Tour down the Bow river... we were in a white water raft - the only thing missing was the white water, lol... this mountain river is surprising calm as it winds it way through the valley where Banff is - there were even toddlers on the boat. What a different perspective though - the scenery was amazing... and our guide was a trove of information on the area! Definitely a late afternoon well spent!


Anonymous said...

From your perspective (looking at the guide's nice little ... um ... bum ....) it looks like a GREAT afternoon spent!

Mbdiamond said...

eh, it was alright... distinctive tan lines ;) Only, not enough shoulders to round out the package, kwim? He was incredibly strong though, lol (and he knew his stuff - let's get back on track here, shall we?)