Monday, July 20, 2009

Saddle up!

Here we go again on the horse-back riding.... since it's a favorite activity for 4 of 5 us (my oldest can take it or leave it - preferably leave it), a family vacation in a scenic local wouldn't be complete without it.

The outfitters closest to our campground were an awesome choice.... although kids under 10 weren't allowed out on the trails, they were happy to keep the kids and give them pony rides around the extensive yard while the parents went out riding. How cool is that? Free childcare while you get away and go riding?? Umm, heck ya! We had a great time - and they had a blast.

And talk about a small world.... My SIL's sister worked at the campground where we were staying - we got a morning visit from her each day on her rounds.... and when we returned to the yard from our horse-back ride, she was there chatting with our kiddos - turns out the lady who owns the ranch is a close friend of hers. Love those little surprises.... small, small world.

I'm annoyed with myself that I only brought home a few pictures of the kids riding.... trying to figure out why I bothered to ride for an hour with a camera in my back pocket if I wasn't going to bother to pull it out and use it! Ah well, we'll chalk it up to being too busy enjoying myself to remember to capture it....

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