Monday, July 20, 2009

Life's a Beach

Our camp ground had such a great beach for kids.... the water was cool, but shallow enough to pick up heat from the sun during the day - and the most beautiful sandy bottom! I've never been to an ox-bow lake before.... those old river bottoms are great!

We spent time there pretty much every day... it was great to do a day trip (or sweaty hike) in the morning, and then cool off and chill at the beach in the afternoons.

For the boys, it was all about the swimming, the water guns and the water wars they could get into with other like-minded kids..... we could watch them - but they wouldn't come out for hours at a time.

And for my girl, it was all about making "mud puddles" on the beach to jump in. She liked building sand castles with Daddy... and said she liked swimming with Mommy - but she'd turn into a Popsicle less than 5 minutes after hitting the water - so my job was pretty easy... 5 minutes of "swimming" and then she'd beg to be wrapped up in a towel (which would end up being all 5 of our towels) so she could lay in the sun, on the grassy area where we set up, to get warm. Once "warming" in the sun, she'd fall asleep for her 2+ hours of afternoon nap, and then it was time to enjoy a book on the beach... or, if you're my husband, fall asleep right beside her. She was so easy.... cute when she was awake enjoying it all - but a lovely break for us when she slept!

We loved our regular "beach time" too ;)

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