Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet Bruce

Another day trip had us travelling to the provincial fossil museum.... "Bruce" is the largest and most complete Mosasaur skeleton found and is pretty impressive. This trip was right up my oldest's alley.... he loved all the displays*. And it was cool to see a pre-history exhibit that focused on OUR home.... we were under-water around here at the time of the dinosaurs, so all the local fossil beds are full of marine life - including some pretty scary "swimming sharp-tooths".

Since we figured an actual trip out to some live digs and a chance to do some excavating would be a bit much for our youngest, we topped of this day with a pic-nic lunch at another park along the way and spent the afternoon at a local water-park instead. No complaints from any of the kids on that one.

*(I KNOW how excited my boy was to be here... and I'm trying to reconcile that with the expression on his face in the picture with Bruce. WHY do kids think they're only "cool" if they're looking grumpy in a picture? Or maybe that's his attempt at serious/cool? Sheesh...)

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