Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canada Day at the Races

My Grandmother joined us for Canada Day.... something for her to do and an extra pair of eyes for us as we invariably end up losing at least one kid, at least for part of the time, as they race off on their own agendas - typically in 3 completely different directions.

She's sitting, appropriately, in one of our Canada chairs... watching my kids go nuts in the bouncers that they had set up for a family fun day at the local horse racing track.

This is her - but that's not her hat. Just in case you think my Grandma's always stylin' like that (I though I'd let you know - she'd appreciate it!). That's my daughter's hat.... the hat she didn't need on her own head because she was too busy inside the bouncers.

Family Fun days at the races ROCK. They set up bouncers, pony rides, a petting zoo and face painting.... plus the structure and play ground that are always there - and it's all FREE!! You can't get a more fun afternoon on that dime!

*You'll see by the stunning number of pictures involving actual race horses, that we spent quite a bit of time watching the actual races.... and not tied up indefinitely in play area.

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