Thursday, July 16, 2009

Inflatable Fun

There weren't near enough inflatables when I was growing up - if there were any? How did we survive without regular access to giant slides and bouncers?

I'm jealous of my own kids. I used to be jealous of my little brothers.... because at least by the time THEY were little, there were indoor play-places with ball pits and such. I remember going into a big ball pit ONCE - at some major amusement park or another..... it was awesome.

We had swings (still good).... and teeter-totters that your friends could attempt to cripple you on (rare finds now).... and metal slides capable of third degree burns if you didn't pay attention to how long the sun had been shining directly on them before your bare legs connected (definitely going the way of the dinosaur).

Ah well, lucky kids - it added something fun to their Canada Day.


Anonymous said...

THAT inflatable looks phenomenal! Holy cripes, how tall is it?

Mbdiamond said...

I dunno N... maybe 60 - 70 feet? It's thier GIANT slide... the biggest one they have - kids just love it! What did you end up doing with that on you guys had?