Monday, July 20, 2009

Magic Fire

Camping wouldn't be complete without campfires... and thanks to my hard-working husband we had one going almost constantly during our trip. We cooked over it regularly (which was precipitated by the untimely death of our travel BBQ, sure.... but worked out just fine and turned out to be a pretty cool way to go) and roasted marshmallows on it more nights than not, but the coolest thing we came across on our trip were these little packets of "magic fire" that were sold at the camp store.

For $2.50 you could have at least 45 min of super-cool magic flames! They came up in green, blue, purple, white and pink... as well as the standard orange & yellow fare. The kids got such a kick out of it (us too)! And as relaxing as it is to just drop your tired body into a chair and stare at the dancing flames of a camp fire at the end of a day, the pretty colors add a real element of fun to it.

Good times!

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