Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taking a breather...

So Parliament has closed until sometime in the New Year.... which means we get a 7 week break from the imminent threat of hostile take-over of the government while the three musketeers try to convince us that having a duly elected government with the authority to make things happen and a platform the people actually voted for is a bad thing - and having a group of three opposing parties with three different agendas acting in their own interests is better.... how fun.

Not letting it dampen the Christmas spirit though! I completed a baking marathon with 2 good friends on Saturday: 6 hours and 44 dozen goodies later, I feel like we really accomplished something! :)

Sunday was a day for hockey, a children's Christmas party and some holiday crafts for my friend's work.... busy weekend!

But we got the tree up yesterday and the kids had a blast with that - I've got shopping stashed away that needs to be wrapped and placed under it still.... but the feeling of Christmas is definitely in the house now!

My 9 year old still hasn't questioned the reality of the big guy. I keep waiting for that shoe to drop.... asking probing questions about whether his friends ever talk about Santa - and what do they say. He says most of them believe there is only one Santa (as opposed to the "numerous" Santa "helpers" I described to him when explaining his late Great-Grandfather's 45 year reign in the red suit). But not a whisper of the "no way, he's not real" that I was expecting by grade 4...

Ah well, maybe one last innocent Christmas then? :)

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