Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giving Back

I love this time of year. It puts me in a such a good mood to see people doing good for each other.... and I always feel the spirit and want to give at this time of year.

In past years we've been in the habit of taking the kids out to buy an age-appropriate toy.... something that they would be happy to open on Christmas morning, and then we donate those toys to a local agency collecting for the less fortunate in our area. They get to place "their" toy in Santa's sleigh or drop it into the looming "tower of toys".... I hope it sinks in with them how important each little piece is.

I want my kids to know the joy of doing something nice for someone for no other reason than to know you have the ability to put a smile on someone Else's face.

This year, I am taking it a step further - I am donating a day of my time to work at the Christmas Cheerboard. Along with a crew of others from my company, I'll be working in their warehouse, putting together hampers and perhaps even delivering some.... whatever they need us to do. On top of that, we've adopted a family of 9 - and we're supplying Christmas. Food and clothing and toys and gifts.... I picked up some wish list items for the little ones in the house and it just made me feel so happy.

And do you know how easily happiness rubs off on people? I had a problem with my purchase for the hamper that day.... but it was Christmas and I was happy - and really, what's the big deal? Problems can be easily solved....

Well the customer service lady gave me $10 off my purchase just for smiling :)

Well, Merry Christmas to you too!!

So I'm going to continue to be happy.... and hope it keeps rubbing off!

There are so many reasons to love the holiday season - but seeing the good we can do together has to be at the top of it all.



Anonymous said...

Way to go on giving to so many others and getting your kids involved so early ... it will be something that stays with them forever ... We were just talking the other day wondering if Skye is ready to pick out toys for someone who needs them way more than her ... after reading your post I've decided it is never too early ... it will easily become habit ...

Mbdiamond said...

It's an awesome thing - and we started the boys this young... sometimes it's hard and they don't want to let it go when they're so little - but it's a GREAT habit, go for it!