Monday, December 1, 2008

Conquering the Castle...

That would be our castle.... the home that's felt more like a dungeon for so long because of the mess! We got so much accomplished around the house this weekend that it just feels great!

I think even the kids were impressed.... which is sad in it's own way, really.... that they would marvel at seeing the complete, uncluttered, expanse of floor. Or that they would realize, for the first time maybe, that there really is a black desk top supporting the computer underneath the mountain of mail and "I'll get to that later" piles of paper....

The kitchen was a pleasure to cook in last night.... every dish clean, all the cupboards organized, even the fridge cleaned out.... lovely, the whole thing.

And now, with a clean home and the flipping of the calendar page to that most anticipated month, we can look to put up decorations and a tree this week - maybe even tonight :)

There's still much to be done in advance of my mother-in-law's stay with us after Christmas.... but I feel much better about my home right now and can see everything will come together.

(now we just need to keep it this way!)

(which, btw, is what we always say... ;)

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