Monday, October 27, 2008

Top 3 Things

... To love about having a little girl in our house:

#3 - Every thing is so much brighter. Little bits of pink have infiltrated pretty much every room in the house.... it's pretty and fun, and a daily reminder of the loveliness that just surrounds little girls.

#2 - I'm no longer the only one with painted toenails. Nor am I the only one who cares about their hair or whether my clothes look pretty. From the pig tails or hair clips down to her pretty little toes.... cute as a button!

And my #1 thing to love about having a little girl in the house? I have HELP! She likes doing laundry with me, shopping with me... and my newest personal favorite: She LIKES to change the toilet paper roll! Finally - I am not alone!

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Anonymous said...

I 100% agree!!