Monday, October 6, 2008

Things I don't need to know about you

You ever have a stranger start an in depth conversation with you? One of those awkward "why the hell are you talking to me" conversations?

I don't mean those friendly smiles or "hello"s from a stranger in passing - I have no problem with those... nor do I have issues with random comments like "Oh, I love your bag, where did you find it?" - that's all just normal people being nice.

But creepy, too familiar commentary and rants from complete strangers are just a little to much for me. I could have happily done without on my trip to the store today.

Why on Earth the only noticeable wack-job in the store had to find a place in line behind me, I'll never know. I was just innocently trying to get my milk and juice out of the store so I could go pick up my kid and continue on with my daily grind. Then this kook stepped into line behind me...

He started by complaining about the lady at the front of the line using a credit card to make her purchase. Apparently he has issues with credit cards being used to buy food - "you know that just means they have no money - right?"

I guess my raised eyebrows and averted gaze wasn't a bold enough cue that I was NOT interested in a conversation with him... because he just moved on....

Ranting about people buying stuff on credit cards that they couldn't afford and all the problems in the world and yadda yadda yadda... and have you tried to buy a house lately? (Huh??)

I was trapped and he was a little off.... if you know what I mean.... I just kinda nodded and hummed and tried to ignore him and load my items onto the conveyor - I don't think my body language could have screamed "you're creeping me out man, back off!!" any louder.... but I guess the kind of folks who just start cornering innocent bystanders into unsolicited conversations are oblivious to such cues...

"They're going to jack interest rates on credit cards right away - then they'll all be in trouble. Not everyone has a low interest card - mine's only 7.5% and I've had it for years....they tell me that I have one of the only ones of those cards left" (why the heck couldn't that lady have been paying cash? And why the heck didn't I go to the freakin express lane today?)

"They're going to reassess everyone's house too and raise our taxes" (if you are getting absolutely NO response from the person you're yammering at, why the hell do you keep talking?)

"House prices are crazy.... I bought my house for $50,000 and it's worth $230,000 now.... jeez, unless you have a perfect credit score, like me - 950, you can't hardly buy a house now" (Seriously? Too much information. Probably bull-shit and even if it isn't, who the heck blathers their credit score to complete strangers?? Seriously off.)

"I've never had more than $395 owing on my credit card in my life." (This one I thought was kinda sad... but still ignored).

My escape from the pessimist with the perfect credit score, highly appreciated home and no life couldn't come fast enough.

I high-tailed it (paid with Debit!) and left the poor clerk next in the line of fire.


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