Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I never want to forget

How sombre and sincere my oldest is when he cracks his fortune cookie... how he pulls that little scrap of paper and slowly reads the words out loud as if they hold some deep mystic truth... how he asks what it means and then repeats the words to himself over and over in the van on the way home from Chinese Food.

He's charming. I love it.

It'll be a sad day when he gets a repeat or finally figures out that they're mass produced by the millions in some shabby factory overseas.... probably not even China, lol....

Ah well, no bursting that bubble for now, it's too much fun to watch :)


Whit said...

The idea that everything is produced in China but fortune cookies is irony at its finest.

cherrie said...

brecken is the same way--loves reading his fortunes