Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well now I've gone and done it.

With two boys in hockey, my husband has always taken an interest in helping out with the kids. Last year he held the position of trainer with our oldest son's team. It was a great group and they had a wonderful season.

But with our younger son, the involvement was limited to taking him to any games or practices that didn't conflict with the team he was trainer for.

What can you do... there's only one of him to go around and it's not possible to hold a roster position on more than team because, inevitably, we're going two different directions at the same time for their games - and he can't be two places at once.

So this year he was hoping to have more of an involvement with our younger son's team (even the odds, so to speak). Maybe an assistant coach position or something. He's already an on ice official for the initial program - working with the group our little man is in.

So I thought maybe I could have a little more involvement in our eldest's team.... to make up for my husband not being there all the time like he was for him last year.

I mentioned my desire to help out when the coach called around to introduce himself.... asked if he already had all his help in place and let him know that I'd be willing to lend a hand if he needed it or no one else volunteered. He said 'thanks' and said looking for volunteers was something we would be discussing at the up coming team meeting.

The team meeting that we took our son to on Thursday.... where they handed out a sheet with information for the team.

A sheet of paper that had my name on it.... listed as the team manager!


Apparently I missed the "talking about volunteers at the meeting" part and skipped directly to Management.

Not sure if it's as glorious as it sounds though. We'll see.

I am now the manager of a 9 year olds hockey team. I've never done anything like this before.... and maybe I've still got my rose-colored glasses on, but I'm actually looking forward to it.

Got my accounting spreadsheet done, collected money from the majority of the players already, made a few phone calls on behalf of the team - and built my email set.

Easy Peasy.


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Anonymous said...

I'm giggling, Shannon.

Easy Peasy.... YES.

Did you see my post about resolving not to be a team manager, plan anything or be involved this year?


(you'll do great!)