Monday, March 9, 2009

Shouldn't have waited so long!

Sunday morning I finally got around to taking the kids swimming - well at least 2 of them.... my oldest turned his nose up at the idea when he found out the big pool wouldn't be open, only the kiddie pool. Sad for him, we had a blast!

I've been meaning to take them occasionally all winter.... but there's always been something getting in the way; hockey, activities.... my need for more sleep in the mornings.... really, I didn't mean to let so many months go by...

We met my sister-in-law and niece there and it was so much fun. My son and niece stayed busy retrieving the diving rings we kept tossing into the deeper end and my girl.... oh my girl! She was absolutely hilarious!

I couldn't stop laughing at her reaction.... she was tickled pink bouncing and tip-toeing through the water.... squealing and giggling whenever the water set her balance off a bit.

It was joy. Sheer, unadulterated joy. You couldn't stop smiling and laughing just watching her.... she loved it so much that I felt even worse for not taking her in so long.

We'll definitely be making more of a habit for this family.

I need more of those smiles!


Anonymous said...

It sounds so fun that it makes me ready to run out to the pool right now ... so glad the kids (and mom) had fun ...

Mbdiamond said...

Oh she was an absolute riot - my SIL & I couldn't stop laughing watching her... she was so funny (and having so much fun with it all!). Can't wait to go again :)