Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The little thrills in life.

This just gets better and better... my daughter is tickled pink.

This morning's drive through the backstretch took several minutes longer than usual as we had to wait for 5 horses, going both directions, to clear our path at the crossing before we could drive through.... and then once we were driving alongside the training track, waiting for a set to round the corner so the princess could see them up close, we got to see some action!

On of the gallop boys earned himself the title on a new piece of real estate and we got to see the Outrider chase down and catch the loose horse on the track. It was kinda cool. My girl was mesmerized... we watched until the horse was caught and rider back up before going to daycare.

And to think 2 days ago I was complaining about nothing for her to see ;)

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