Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just when you thought it was over....

We're saddled with a spring Blizzard.

All the melting and beautiful spring-like weather is forgotten as we're forced to slog through a pelting of heavy, wet sleet and snow.

Highways are closed and I can't see my neighbor's house from mine.


I shouldn't complain - it's only March. Please let this not be a year when we're hit with another Blizzard in May. It's happened before.

Perspective is important. Let winter have it's last hurrah.... the tide IS turning and the warm weather will come again.

(I hope.)


Anonymous said...

I've been reading The Little House books and sometimes your blog reminds me of Laura Ingales Wilder's writtings ... keeping a turkey outside frozen ... blizzards in March ... it is like you are the modern day Half-Pint

Mbdiamond said...