Sunday, January 4, 2009

A little slice of heaven

Nothing could make my youngest boy happier than the promise of a chance to ride at Uncle Jim's place. And his sister's not far off his heels!

My oldest can take or leave horseback riding (with the emphasis on the leave) but his younger siblings are gaga for the horses my brother in law has all over his place.

We took turns riding Clyde (a very gentle, if inaptly named percheron/quarter horse cross) and my girl was like a broken record whenever anyone else was riding: "my turn now? My turn, MY TURN!"

We let her have turns with several different people until she was too cold to stay out anymore. Happy day for her :)


Anonymous said...

These are great photos ... it looks like everyone is having a blast ... I can't show these to Skye ... she doesn't realize yet that you can ride the horses we see by Grandmommy's house ... :)

Mbdiamond said...

Oh that's too funny... you mean she's never seen a pony ride?? Dani goes almost every Sunday in the summer, lol

G said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so fun and so FREEZING. I just love the snowy backdrop and the old red barn and evergreens. What an amazing thing to do!

Mbdiamond said...

My BIL has really beautiful land G - he's got a lot of poplar along with the evergreens, and in the fall it looks like the fairy forest from Lord of the Rings - all white bark with golden leaves... really gorgeous to ride through :)