Monday, January 26, 2009

Life through his eyes

My oldest and I had a really cool meeting with the director of Paleontology at our provincial museum today. He had agreed to meet us and hopefully identify a fossilized bone we dug up from the temporarily exposed lake bed at our cottage a few years back; when we were moving exposed rocks out of our swimming path.

Very neat. Although my son was disappointed that it's not a dinosaur, I think this it's pretty cool that we have a bison tibia that could be up to 10,000 years old....


I had to stop in at my office on the way downtown for our meeting and left him sitting in the car while I ran up. I left it running for him (he knows to lock the doors and not communicate with anyone on the outside.... and my office is in a predominantly geriatric community - so no need to call CFS!). It's still pretty cold here and I didn't want to turn off the heat for the 10 minutes I would be gone....

But I was curious to find him with the window down when I returned. He was holding a small screw driver set from the glove compartment up to the side mirror of the van.... slowly pressing it closer and then drawing it back again - intently studying the reflection.

At the questioning look on my face he looked up at me and said "What? I'm just trying to see if objects in the mirror are really closer than they appear! And yeah, they are."

I couldn't help chuckling to myself as he raised the window and replaced the screwdrivers in the glove box.

He's so fun :)


Anonymous said...

How awesome is all of that? Love his commentary! (a bison tibula, huh?)

Mbdiamond said...

Yeah, so I'm a goof... It's a Tibia!