Saturday, August 8, 2009

From OUR point of view

To entertain himself while we waited for the main event to start, my oldest asked if he could have a turn with the camera to take some pictures.

And he decided to take a picture of us.

Only, he was missing from a great family shot.... so our little man decided to solve the problem by having a turn to snap a shot with his brother IN it. Only.... You know where this goes, right?

So we all took turns taking pictures with everyone else in the family (amidst the giggles).... until some nice neighbor took pity on us and offered to take a shot with the WHOLE family in it ;)

What did families do for amusement before digital cameras?

And it was fun scrolling back through the pictures now and knowing who took which ones by who was missing in the shot (well, with the exception of the pictures my girl took - those you just knew who took them, know what I mean?) And now I have a collection of us... the way we look from each of our points of view :)

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Anonymous said...

These are so cute ... you could frame each one to put in the kids' rooms ... their photo of their family ... I love it!!