Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cute, But still needs work

Practice, practice, practice.

Of course, when everyone in the family is taking turns, taking our picture, the girl must have a shot at it too.

I think she'll need to get her hands on the camera a few more times before we'll be able to tell if she's a budding photographer or not. My friend's three year old has access to a camera and takes some really great pictures already.... I've gotten a few chuckles from seeing the world from her perspective - but my girl? Still needs work, lol...

First I showed her how to line the people up in the screen (we practiced on Daddy & her brothers)... then hold it steady... then push the button & see the picture.

Then I turned her loose and took my place on the other side of table with Dad & the boys. We got several interesting shots to choose from. The two I posted above even have a piece of us in them!

Not quite there yet, lol...

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