Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maybe THIS Year??

This is the bridge 3 blocks from my home. It's one of 3 bridges that service my area of the city to cross Sturgeon Creek, and one I cross at least once a day. As of last week 2 of those 3 bridges were closed because of this.

You might think from the picture that we had exceptional flooding this year. Which is true, but only partially the problem. This particular bridge gets washed out every other year - or perhaps only every third year if we're lucky. It doesn't take "exceptional" flooding to strand our neighborhood.

Every time it floods, the road is closed for a couple weeks and traffic congestion on the other routes becomes a nightmare.

I wonder at what point in time the city will finally decide to rebuild so we have a bridge that can be used ALL year round. I've been watching this bride flood for 30 years now.

Maybe THIS will be the year they decide enough is enough??

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