Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have wheels, will travel.

She's growing so fast.

3 years this June... and always in such a hurry to keep up with those boys.

I do believe we've just skipped right over the tricycle stage?? I have a really cute, colorful little trike that we were saving for this summer. A trike that will evidently never see it's day in the sun.

Because the boys - HER boys.... they don't have trikes, they have BIKES. With two wheels.

So we caught the question: "Where's MY bike??"

And now there she goes.... in all her two-wheeled glory!


Anonymous said...

Who IS that child? She has magically grown up!!

Isn't it interesting watching the 2nd (and then the 3rd) do things so much faster, because of watching the older siblings?

Mbdiamond said...

Blows my mind Naomi... everytime I turn around she's doing something else I don't think she possibly can yet!

Christina said...

She looks so big! Hard to believe they will be 3 already. I guess I gotta get Ben a bike, eh?