Friday, April 24, 2009

Face Value

There's always an opportunity to laugh in a house with kids... especially toddlers. Sweet, hilariously literal toddlers.

Actual conversation with our girl the other morning:

she was declaring her love for our "whole" family... even though only her, daddy & I were cuddling...

Me: So who's missing baby?

Her: Dooooo (bro #1)

Daddy: And who else?

Her: Taaaaaam (bro #2)

Daddy: And who else is in our family?

Her: Cousin Twent!! (cousin Trent moved back to his small town in SK)

Her: Oh! Where is he? I need to kiss him!

Daddy: He's back in Duck Lake honey

Her: Oh! He getting wet then!

cue round of laughter.

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Shell said...

he he through the eyes of a child...