Friday, February 20, 2009

How to get a toddler-free weekend:

Just don't be there when Grandma shows up to drop her off!

Of course, this works best if Grandma also happens to live an hour outside of town, your toddler is sleeping in the back of her car, she has only minutes left before she has to pick Grandpa up from work.... and you're hopelessly unable to get out of your office in time to relieve her.


I'm sure when my mother envisioned spending a Friday with her precious granddaughter, taking on a sleepless weekend didn't enter the picture.

I'm pretty sure, when she asked what to do with her at the end of the day.... and I told her "No problem, drop her off at home her Dad will be there".... she believed me.

And the plan would have worked .... If I had remembered to tell him.


Never assume your spouse will be where you expect him to be at any given time.

JUST because he took off work to stay home with our feverish, vomiting son, doesn't mean he will STAY at home with said sick child.

Silly me.

So when my Mom showed up to drop the princess off after a day at the Conservatory with Grandma & GG & Auntie P & Cousin M, the Dad was no where to be found.... not even answering his phone!


And with no time left to wait for me, she left to pick up my Dad & head home with my baby in the backseat. I have no idea how my Dad felt about that.... but I'm calling him an accomplice in the kidnapping.

My husband's reaction, upon hearing the news that we would be without our toddler due to his negligance (I'll just forget about my lapse in not informing him here), his reaction was an extremely loud "WOOOOO HOOOOO!!"

(this means we get to sleep in tomorrow!!)

Mwahahahahahahaha.... (this means my parents will be roused out of their sleep by our darling toddler at her regular, evil, early-morning hour)

Plans to drive out to their place and pick her up were pending our figuring out weekend hockey schedules. Saturday (isn't this convenient) is the double hockey line-up, followed by an evening hockey-parents party.... Sunday is the free day.

Seriously? Oh someone is smiling down on me.... I have, potentially, TWO toddler free nights?? In a row??

We could do anything we want! It's so liberating... we could... we could.... Oh shit, who am I kidding.... we have no life.

I think I'll go clean her room... it's so much easier when she's not there undoing each piece as I go.

I know, I know.... the wild life I lead....

Although that parent party could be ALOT more fun with the prospect of actually getting to sleep past 6:00am the next morning ;)

Thanks Mom! :D


Anonymous said...

Way to go Shannon ... you scored ... gotta use that plan in the rotation again ...

Christina said... are the master, oh devious one! And getting to blame in on the hubby, to boot!