Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Magic

My little man turned 8 last weekend. He waits for his birthday to arrive with more anticipation than any other day in the year.... even Christmas doesn't compare for him.

Maybe it's the "middle-child syndrome" .... but I think, what he craves more than anything, is that one day when the world revolves around him - and he's so genuinely sweet and charming that we try to make it as important a day as possible.

Whatever color cup he wants (ahead of those other two head-strong siblings), whichever seat in the van.... first in line, first one served.... you know - birthday boy all the way.

And the grin he sports all day is worth the effort!

This year, I struggled with what to do for his party.... he wanted to return to the dinosaur water slide park they have a local hotel (we did that last year), but I don't want to repeat birthdays.... I wanted something new (at least to our family) and different - each birthday should be a different memory....

So I chose a magician: Ryan Price Magic.

A comedy-magician, with a show targeted to the 5 to 8 year old set. Eight might be a little old for a magician - but I thought it would be a perfect fit for our 8 year old. His sense of humour is around the 6 year old level and his sense of wonder is delightfully immature for his age.... we have an absolute riot just watching him take in slap-stick style cartoon shows like the bugs bunny & tweety show.... the belly laughs are too much - he gets our whole family going!

It just felt like it would be a good fit..... and it was!

The magician was wonderful! He had the kids laughing the whole time.... and my little man above all! The birthday boy got to be the main assistant in the show and he revelled in the lime-light.... that beautiful grin never left his face and the infectious laugh kept escaping and talking all us adults along for the ride - what a great birthday!

The magician closed out his party performance by creating balloon creations for all the children (it would be an insult to lump these in with the mundane balloon animals we've all seen 100 clowns churn out!). Each one was a work of art taking several balloons to complete.... he made a road-runner and a daffy duck for my boys and the mini-bug bracelet that my daughter asked for.... fishing rods complete with fish on the end of the line, goofy hats in the form of various animals.... they were something to behold!

He also provided all the goody bags for the children. It was the easiest party I've planned in a long time - the guy did it all! And my son was absolutely thrilled with the entire affair - and that was what it was all about, after-all.

I would definitely recommend Ryan Price Magic to any and all looking for a birthday party solution - you won't be disappointed.

As for me, I can't thank him enough for the smiles on my son's face and for making his day the roaring success that it was!

Happy Birthday Love!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it turned out so well ... that is just awesome ... although the whole post I kept anticipating photos of the smiles and the balloon creations ... :)

Mbdiamond said...

I WANT to post pics... but my stupid blog screws up the formatting and I CAN'T - grrrr!