Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pass the trophy, would you?

Yes, I'm in the running for mother of the year again....

My youngest son is the funniest little man around. There's no emotion that he feels by halves.... everything he feels he expresses 110%.

Which is challenging when he's angry or hurt or upset.... but incredibly endearing when he's happy or loving or grateful.

He is so genuinely thrilled with any gift he receives.... or a new pair of shoes, or any new clothes I bring home for him - you can't help but smile.

I collected thanks for his new runners over a period of two weeks... and now, almost two months later, they're still his "favorite NEW runners!"

I bought him a hoodie jacket from Old Navy in the fall. He was so excited he slept with it.... and even now, months later, he's crushed when said hoodie jacket is unavailable due to laundry.

Cute, charming, funny little man *smile*


Well, we've been up to the cottage these past two weekends... and to say I'm a little behind on laundry is an understatement.

Yesterday, when getting dressed in the morning, my boy called upstairs to me - frantic because there was no clean underwear in his drawer....

He HAD clean underwear.... still buried in a basket somewhere.... but in the effort to speed my morning along (to NOT have to stop and go through clean laundry while battling the tangles out his toddler sister's hair) - I just yelled down to him to grab a pair out his brother's drawer!

(I had just bought a few dozen new pairs for my oldest son.... there was still a stack, never yet worn, piled in there.... and they're only 17 mths apart.... they'd fit)

I never heard from him again and he came up dressed, so I assumed this solution worked for him.

And it did.

What I didn't realize, however, was how much this solution thrilled him.

I didn't notice anything different about this new brand of boxer briefs I'd picked up for my oldest.... they were just a different brand, a good price. But, unbeknownst to me, they were also sewn a little differently, a slightly different style.... with a more pronounced "pouch" (I guess that's what you'd call it?) for supporting the.... ummm..... goods, so to speak.

My little man was tickled pink to snag a pair of his brother's "big boy" underwear.

Of course I had no clue. He didn't say anything to me.... in fact, by the time we walked out the door I'd completely forgotten about the exchange - or who's what he was wearing.

Until his teacher called me in the late afternoon. (you know what's coming, don't you? )

After pleasantries, she started off with "apparently C didn't have any clean underwear this morning?" (and I'm thinking: REALLY?? Your teacher needed to know this WHY my man??.... I still have to look this woman in the face....)

She moved along to "and I guess you told him to wear a pair of D's" (OMG.... my cheeks were burning.... this conversation could only get worse)

"Well, he was really excited about having "big boy" underwear - so he decided to show Hope at recess"

(how do you respond to that?)

All I could come up with was "Oh My God.... I am so sorry" .... as I tried to stammer out how he HAD clean underwear.... and the underwear he was wearing was new.... and it wasn't really any different than HIS underwear..... and Oh how embarrassing!

Then she explained how they'd handled it and really, it was fine.... but she just had to let me know....

But it was horribly embarrassing.... getting the call from the teacher.... and all because I can't keep up with the laundry.... and now the teachers know it! Uggg.

Mother of the year trophy over here please!

And then last night the Huz and I had quite the chuckle over it (but not in front of the boy) ..... because really, that's just so like our little man .... and really to him, no different that showing off his new hoodie jacket or new runners.

Now I just have to worry about looking Hope's parents in the eye!

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Shell said...

Omg I am sorry but I am Laughing and yet cringing because this could be me in a few years :D