Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is this thing ON?

tap tap tap.... hello?

Testing, testing....1,2,3.... yep, still seems to be functioning - I just seem to have been MIA for what - two weeks now?


I have neglected to blog for the first half of May.

What have we missed?

We've gone to work, the kids have gone to school and daycare, we've come home, cooked dinner, tried to stay on top of house work.... same old same old.

We had snow.... I'd rather just forget about that.

We made it up to open the cottage and built an outhouse..... thank God. Because we spent every available hour last year slogging away at getting the cottage finished on the exterior to meet the two-year-to-lock-down requirement for the property and we never got around to getting it done last summer.

There was NO way I was starting another year with no bathroom facilities.... even if they are the bare minimum. I'm so over peeing in the bush at my age.... and driving to the public beach facilities are just not in my recipe for a fun weekend at the lake.

So yay - an outhouse!

We farmed off the kids so we could get the job done.... so it was just me and huz.... in a slightly finished cottage on a surprisingly bitter cold night in May. While it was nice to "get away" and work on a project together, any romantic intentions we might have been able to take advantage of were thwarted by mother nature's quirky little throw-back to winter. By the time we were ready to hit the sack, we could see our breath in the cabin. We each wore no less than 3 layers before climbing into our sleeping bags zipped together for the extra warmth.

But surprisingly, we slept amazing.... uninterrupted and plenty warm.... neither of us even stirred or noticed when the extra blanket we'd thrown over us slid off during the night. It was fine....

And then we returned to the city where we kicked off the "summer" season with our local May-long tradition: the annual Buffalo BBQ and Carnival... the kids had a blast with that. I managed to get some decent pics to share.... once I actually get around to uploading them.

Here's hoping normal weather patterns return and we can start spending some time up at the cottage.... there's still so much to get done - and fun to be had!

Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yay ... double yay ... for that outhouse!