Thursday, November 20, 2008

THE Big Night

So Halloween. My kids' most highly anticipated night of the year (next to maybe Christmas) finally came. I got this one shot of the three of them together when we stepped out the door.... and then the boys ditched us! Apparently Mom & a toddler sister were just a little too slow... cramping their style, so to speak.

The girl and I had a terrific time though... she was adorable (in her much warmer white tiger costume) and quickly learned the routine:

"Tick O Teet!".... *big grin as more candy falls into her open bag*... "ankoo, Appy 'Oween!".... then two steps away from the door "here mommy - you carry!" (she was really playing up the "toooo heaveee....uggggg" part, lol ;)

We did cross paths with the hooligans once more that evening - going opposite directions.... and I held them up long enough to snap one more pick of the three of them together before they ran off with their friends once again.

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