Saturday, February 20, 2010

Never gonna happen

My daughter is obsessed with the idea of being a big sister.

I'm sure it's directly related to always being the littlest and wanting to be bigger than somebody... anybody. She wants to be bigger so bad.

Her biggest complaint in life is that she's going to be little 'For-Ever'

So I'm really not surprised with how fascinated she is that my sister-in-law is going to have a baby in May. She talks about her baby cousin daily. That's impressive considering she's only seen her auntie's belly 2-3 times in past few months.

Today, when I broke the news to her yet again that she would never be a BIG sister... because she doesn't have any brothers or sisters younger than her, she defiantly informed me that she WAS going to be a big sister... as soon as her baby cousin is born!

I didn't bother correcting her... it's as close as she's going to get. We're obviously just going to have to start spending alot more time with my brother and his lovely wife :)


ItsLiz said...

Are you sure Shannon ... I mean you have 3 ... what is one more ... I mean after 2 it is all gravy right ... I say go for it ... :)

Robin said...

I agree with Liz...pop one more out, then one know how that goes. You could get your own tv show!!!

Must be the age....Simone told me the other day....when (not if) she ha a baby sister, she's in charge of the baby!

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