Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Coolest Room in the House!

The beaming smile says it all... He love Love LOVES his new bed and new room.

Isn't this the coolest bed ever?? Our neighbors sold it to us for a song after they bought it for their daughter and she was too scared to sleep up there. SCORE!

He's sleeping in there already - apparently he was moving favorite toys into drawers before Dad was even finished setting everything up.

We haven't even got his blind hung on the window yet but he couldn't wait.

I love putting that kind of smile on this little boy's face.

And I'm proud of his big brother (who's got to be at least a tiny bit jealous) because he's being a really great sport. Mind you, he does have a room all to himself now too. He'll be pretty pleased with himself when we get that, formerly shared, room sorted out and set up for him alone.
Great end to the day.


Liz said...

holy cow that is the coolest room ever ... Skye is standing here saying "I want one like that that is so cool" ...

and the smile on his face is priceless ... makes all the work worth it I am sure ...

Great job mom and dad setting up such a very cool place ... you guys rock!!!

Mbdiamond said...

Thanks Liz :)

He's all moved in now and happy as a clam... Makes me smile everytime I peek in on him.

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